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About Us

Our goal at Poindexter is to photograph our client’s pets artfully, beautifully, and uniquely.  We provide framed archival prints of any size, custom designed photo books, and custom greeting cards for any occasion.

Additionally, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to various animal welfare organizations throughout Ohio and the United States.

We have vast experience shooting in the commercial and fine art realms of still photography, television, and filmmaking.  We created Poindexter to focus our skills on creating evocative animal photography, and by doing so help animals in need find safety, shelter, and in the end, homes.  We wish to establish partnerships with organizations committed to animal welfare, and we intend to contribute not only our time and talent to our partners, but also donate a portion of our earnings to help these groups thrive.

Our deep love and respect for animals fuels our passion for our work, and we intend to use it as a vehicle for us to give back responsibly.


p.s.  All photographs on this website were created and entirely owned by Poindexter.